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Jud Shiver, Scout Construction The following article is about Scout Construction. “Jud is well connected and well liked. He bought his first home from my dear friend, REALTOR Nancy Flowers, learned building from the charismatic developer Larry Hancock and is embedded in the community with his four great kids and veterinarian wife Amy.

Because our kids are in different schools, I only run into Jud and Amy at parks and rec soccer every year or so, but Jean Channell, at the AAHBA office, encouraged me to track Jud down again to get the local news.
Jud is currently building out at Franklin Grove on Hwy 78 and at Whitlow Creek on Union Church Road in Oconee County. He described two kinds of buyers for new home construction right now. 1) Folks looking for the best deal possible and 2) Custom built homes.

What this observation brings to light is the truth that Location! Location! Location! is not the cornerstone of the industry in the market that we are living in today. It is true that a buyer might have a parameter that seeks a particular county, but they are now open to every region of that county A buyer has many choices at their fingertips and will invest in a home when it is a great real estate buy. A person who can afford a custom build will build in a place of their choosing. In this scenario, the client wants an open book on the costs of the build and they know that they can take advantage of the great values to be found in building a custom home today. Building a home is a tremendous value in 2011 because the labor pool is rich and materials are plentiful.

Jud explained that building with open communication is a truly enjoyable experience and offered that he has been blessed to work with so many good people. Looking back, Jud reflected on the days when a tighter market caused friction in the process. Today he has steady clientele based on referrals from word of mouth. I can tell you from a bird’s eye view of the industry, that Jud has an amazing reputation as well. What is comforting to note is that people are glad to see him coming.

As he sauntered into the Big Easy, the owners greeted Jud with a hand shake and “glad to see you man”. I felt right at home with him in his baseball cap and easy smile. Jud gave me some good news to pass on to you about building in 2011 as well. Jud says that the economy will level out and make good sense. Think about it-as jobs have shifted from construction to manufacturing, new ways of doing business have evolved. Concrete for example has new environmental rules applied to it so the process has streamlined and new materials have emerged. Doing business in a new way is not a bad thing. I’ll take the good news one step further by reflecting that if you need good advice on how to get your finger on the pulse of the community, a trusted friend and neighbor is just a phone call away. Thanks for reminding me Jean! Thanks for saying Yes Jud! My dog needs his shots, Amy See you soon…”

Article by Andrea Williams, “What is the Local Latest in homebuilding?”